The Accountability Initiative is the "Sender-At-Risk Working Group" of the MIT Spam Forum.

We have 3 goals:

  • Create a single-licensing entity for anyone wishing to embody sender accountability mechanisms within commercial products or services. Licensees benefit from reduced cost, a simple and easy to compute expense, and access to the IP of all inventors in the collective.
  • Promote a common reference specification for the assured delivery of electronic messages (e.g. email)
  • Develop test tools and a program to certify interoperability.

IP represented by the working group is not restricted to implementations that comply with suggested specifications, reference designs, or interoperability tests. The methods and technology of the member inventors may be used to deploy proprietary products, including products or services unrelated to deliverability.

A Breakthrough for Beleaguered Consumers and eMarketers. A new economic initiative to eliminate email scams surfaced at the MIT 2006 Spam Conference. Resolving the flaws of AOL's pay-per-email idea, the new plan has no per message cost and gives consumers the power to directly charge abusive senders for bogus email. Read the press release.