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We request your participation in discussions pursuant to the formation of a “Patent Pool” of intellectual property relevant to “economic mechanisms that deter spam or that demonstrate sender risk and thereby facilitate the delivery of electronic messages”. Interest parties have a patent, have filed for patent, or have developed proprietary methods that could be of commercial interest. A list of invitees appears on the next page.

Our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for: Sun, September 11 at 11AM in Boston (place to be determined). Each party will be limited to two attendees. We suggest an inventor and someone with a financial interest, such as the assigned party, if any. Alternatively, you may bring legal counsel.

Public awareness is emerging. Large and small companies are beginning to value something toward which you may have contributed. The time has come to offer our IP in a simple and understandable package.

  • Prognosticators have spoken – Esther Dyson, Release 1.0
  • Academics have validated – Marshall Van Alstyne at the FCC
    – Barry Nalebuff & Ian Ayres on NPR
  • Large companies are awakening – Bill Gates in Davos Switzerland
    – IronPort and Return Path (Sender Bonded Program™)

    Prospective licensees seek a single-entity transaction with clear pricing and a reduced potential for litigation. These discussions will lead to the pooling of patents rights for the purpose of negotiating single entity licensing agreements with marketers, communications gatekeepers, infrastructure entities, anti-spam vendors and software application vendors.

    The working group is the core of a patent alliance, which will:

    • Establish a single-receiver entity for setting and collecting royalties and fees
    • Establish terms for sharing revenue in a single IP license for the various claims of participants and arbitrate issues between participants
    • Facilitate marketing and licensing of patents, patent applications and important trade secrets
    • Enable all parties to market IP in any manner that enhances the revenue and value of the combined properties
    • Prepare the framework for the creation of joint ventures to promote and educate prospective licensees

    The primary goal of the group is to become single-stop shop for licensing all pertinent IP at once. It is not required that inventors agree to a uniform implementation. They are free to pursue proprietary implementations and outside commercial affiliation. However, these discussions may lead to the formation of a separate working committee to develop a joint specification and reference implementation for an economic bond mechanism, including testing tools and a program for certifying interoperability.

    Legal representation is welcome at the first meeting. But the delegation from each party is limited to 2 individuals.

    Important Dates:


    Fri, Aug 5

    Fri, Aug 19         

    Sun, Sep 11
    • Confirm your attendance. Register now.
    • Nominate other parties with an IP stake in these discussions
    • Last day for free registration. Thereafter: $350
    • Submit 2 page summary of presentation (PDF or PowerPoint). Outline
      your IP and vision of end-to-end accountability or payment mechanism.
      Plan to speak for 35 minutes . WXGA projector will be available.

      Meeting near Boston. Place/directions to be announced.
    Philip Raymond
    Marshall Van Alstyne

    * Some terms are trademarks or registered trademarks of inventors, vendors, or providers related to the art. This letter is directed at these entities and should not be construed as using these marks for any commercial purpose.